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Individual Therapy

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People seek individual therapy for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, people begin therapy because they want to resolve a particular issue.  In these cases, I take more of a counseling approach to our sessions, often times using a solution-focused lens. 

Other times, people come to therapy because they have noticed patterns of thinking, behaving, and/or feeling that are negatively impacting their day to day life. Therapy, in this case, often times involves uncovering and processing what may have lead to these patterns.  

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Family Sessions

Often times, it is very helpful to involve family in treatment. We can work together to involve your family so they can learn how to best support you in your recovery.

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Therapy for Eating Disorders

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One of my areas of specialization is eating disorders. When treating eating disorders, I always work within a multidisciplinary team. Minimally, this team includes an eating disorder dietician. Often times, it involves a physician as well.
I am in the process of earning my Certified Eatings Disorder Specialist (CEDS) credential. This designation is awarded to professionals with a high level of commitment and experience in the field of eating disorders. 
Lastly, I have been recovered from an eating disorder 
for 10 + years.  My own healing experience has strengthened my compassion and empathy for the clients I treat.

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